Monday, March 28, 2011

In Remembrance of Me?

If our hearts are not set on pleasing God in the worship arts arena, we will be remembered for the wrong reasons. How many times have we attended a concert or worship event to only to ask ourselves, "What is WRONG with this picture?" Although there will always be dancers whose priorities are elsewhere, those of us who love the Lord with our entire existence will aim to please Him only.

Here are some questions that we should ask ourselves regularly:

Should I remember a creative hairstyle more than the message?

Are those eye-catching garments really more of a fashion show than a tool for ministry?

Does the general personality of the ministry promote anti-social behavior, callousness, or an unfriendly demeanor?

Is there a lot of joking, disrespect, talking, or carelessness taking place when there should be focus and unity?

Do the garments serve as a example of a "striptease" show more than reverence for the Creator?

Do electronic devices hinder the ability to worship or encourage others because many are consumed with giving or receiving updates on social networks and text messaging?

Are there more people observing others praise and worship than there are actually worshipping Him?

All that we do should cause others to remember the cause of Christ. If we spend our time consumed with our own preferences, desires, needs, choreography, dressing room space, line-up on the roster, and other self-centered priorities, we can guarantee that we will not be remembered as those who gave complete glory to God.

This process requires constant evaluation of our own motives, Bible reading, prayer time, and living lives that please God while serving others. When we can barely recall the song danced and its intended message, we know that we have been disrupted by the flesh. Let's focus on the assignment of letting others glorify God our Father by seeing the good works that we do here on earth.

New King James Bible Version

1 Samuel 10:25

Then Samuel explained to the people the behavior of royalty, and wrote it in a book and laid it up before the LORD. And Samuel sent all the people away, every man to his house.

Matthew 5:16
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

1 Timothy 5:25

Likewise, the good works of some are clearly evident, and those that are otherwise cannot be hidden.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Secret Service

It is sad and unfortunate to hear the countless stories of those in dance ministry who are scarred by leadership. Is it often reported that many dance leaders are self-centered, egotistical, greedy, and downright unpleasant. Is this the type of leadership that Christ modeled?

We must be especially careful in the worship arts arena. Talented people often attract praise, attention, and semi-fame in many of the communities we impact. If we are not actively practicing humility and Christ-centered leadership, we can morph into ungodly examples of what NOT to do!

When someone is a leader, it generally means that they are out front, providing direction or instruction. This is a position of high responsibility and honor, but should never be an opportunity for terrorism in our churches and communities. Although there will always be people who are very sensitive and unable to take correction, how leaders deal with people should be more closely scrutinized. If you are currently a leader, how would your people describe you--- BEHIND YOUR BACK?

It is not how leaders are celebrated, lavished, or touted that makes us Christ-like. How we serve privately matters.

-How do we talk to others?

-Are our opinions based on the Scriptures or our own prejudices?

-Are we often argumentative more than instructive?

-Is the ministry growing (spiritually and naturally)?

-Do we refuse help from others and position ourselves as the focus of the ministry?

-Are we battling massive rebellion from those who should be following us?

-Are we accountable to other respected leaders who will tell us the truth about US?

-Are we studying books on leadership and praying for God to lead us daily?

Teachers are definitely held to a higher standard. Movement ministries have been plagued with countless stories of infighting, rebellion, mistreatment, and frustration. As a leader, what are you allowing to happen on your watch? The greatest weapons to combat toxic spiritual environments are by using the Word of God and staying in that prayer place. What is done in secret will be rewarded openly. We must also remember that what's done in the dark will be revealed by the Light.


Malachi 2:7-9

7) “For the lips of a priest should keep knowledge,
And people should seek the law from his mouth;
For he is the messenger of the LORD of hosts.

8) But you have departed from the way;
You have caused many to stumble at the law.
You have corrupted the covenant of Levi,”
Says the LORD of hosts.

9) “Therefore I also have made you contemptible and base
Before all the people,
Because you have not kept My ways
But have shown partiality in the law.”

Mark 10:45
For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.