Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning Curve

With the many conferences and events being promoted, some may ask, "Why should I attend?" Faith-based events abound and there are no lack of options for anyone desiring to be sharpened and trained. If you want to vacation and learn, you can choose to go to a conference held on an island or travel internationally. If you'd prefer to stay closer to home, there may be some local events near you.

We should all study to show ourselves approved unto God. Dance ministries and conferences and events have blessed me, but in going, I have also learned what not to do. Either way, my investment in the ministry of movement has been beneficial to me. Moving out beyond my geographic area has allowed me to meet dance and movement ministers from all over the world. I am blessed to know that we do not all praise Him the same way. We are not confined to one style of worship attire. We do not all dance to the same beat.

I have also learned that many people hosting events have the right intentions, but are unable to deliver results. Some events have been disorganized, poorly promoted, and exhibit a lack of the Lord's presence during the event. While promotion may help, the reputation of the event organizer or host organization usually determines if people will come out and support or not. Each and every time I attend an event-gone-wrong, I am reminded that there is still much work for us to do.

I entered into the conference hosting arena in 2003 because I saw a need for worship arts ministers to understand the magnitude of the God we serve. Many are perishing for lack of knowledge. I have also learned that teaching my opinion will not deliver anyone; the Word of the Lord will do the work. I am blessed to have hosted events that did not go as well as I had planned, because it taught me to trust in God every step of the way. I have hosted free events as well as paid events and have learned to be a good steward over both. By the grace of God, He has taught me to share my experience and insight to help others up along the way.

There is nothing more rewarding than obeying the will of God. We must all make the effort to grow through study of the Word and fellowship with like-minded believers. Where He leads me, I will follow.

Here are a few upcoming 2009 dance and worship arts conferences that I will be attending this year:

June 18th-21st
Host: Expressions of Praise
Location: Kenner, Louisiana

July 16th-18th
Host: Rain Reign Ministries
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

August 5th-9th
Host: Sabrina McKenzie Ministries
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

September 10th-13th
Host: Paneh Praise Dance & Mime Ministries
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

November 7th
Host: International Dance Commission- West Coast Region
Location: Spring Valley, California (Near San Diego)

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