Saturday, November 29, 2008

Instant Replay

We must not get to the point where movement ministry becomes routine. There are times that we dance a certain piece that seems to resonate with many groups of people. These types of dances are usually the most requested and garner a significant crowd reaction. The feeling of triumph and victory is often experienced when we are made aware of the power of a piece. We must train ourselves not to be addicted to the approval of men to determine our success in movement ministry. If we merely select pieces based on what we feel will move the people, we may begin to be led by the flesh instead of the Spirit.

Even when we minister the same dance in different locations, we cannot assume that it will have the same results. Maintaining constant prayer and having an open ear to hear what the Lord is saying will allow us to take the same piece and minister it afresh each and every time. As we continue to dance, we will also discover that the Lord may direct us to change a small portion or sections of the dance for a particular occasion or reason. The Word is living and powerful, and when we minister it through movement, it will take on life as well. If we dance while taking anything for granted, we become a hinderance to the people we were sent to impact.

Even if we have danced a particular selection a hundred times, it should always appear to be genuine and sincere each and every moment. Dance ministers are not actors on a stage. We are not assuming a character when we step in front of an audience. We are messengers with a Word to deliver. Regardless of how many times we must deliver the message, we must do so with accuracy, conviction, and obedience.

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