Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

We must be careful how we treat people, because we never know who we can come into contact with. We should exercise even greater care with strangers. In dance ministry, we should not have to know someone on a first-name basis to treat them with respect. Taking a few extra moments to say hello or smile will show the true character of our ministries. Although we can be exhausted after a dance ministry piece has gone forth, we must be ever mindful that ministry does not start or stop with the music. Whatever we do should be to the glory of God.

The kindness that we show to others includes children as well. Many young people look up to those involved in the worship arts. Because the younger generation can be very impressionable, how we respond may leave an impression on them for years to come. We should not have to muster up a fake smile or empty words of appreciation for those we come into contact with. When we truly have a love for people, it shows.

A handshake, hug, nod, or smile can mean so much to those who have felt rejected or hurt, especially in the church setting. We must also be aware that there may be times when our best efforts to be cordial are not met with a warm reception. We should never take these moments personally. Our behavior before, during, and after ministry is as much a part of our presentation as the song itself. If we demonstrate powerful technique, glorious garments, and flawless grooming, but neglect to show the love of Gods toward others, we are nothing. When the music stops and the body can no longer take a step, what we have done for Christ will continue to remain.

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