Thursday, December 25, 2008

All Talk and No Action

Good stewardship mandates that we make the best use of our time. When we allow ourselves to get too comfortable, we may find that we have lost valuable opportunities to get things done. This is often an area that can be improved during dance ministry rehearsals. Getting carried away with extraneous conversations can shave valuable minutes off of our allotted rehearsal time. It is common to greet one another as we come together for rehearsals, but we should focus on the task at hand once the designated time to start has arrived. Five minutes of conversation at the beginning of rehearsal are five less minutes of learning, improvement, and worshiping.

If the ministry leader has to struggle to regain the attention of everyone during a rehearsal to give instructions, we have also wasted much-needed time. It is not that we cannot enjoy any moments of fun and small talk, but if we notice that can count lost time in increments of a few hours per month, we must admit that some of our rehearsal time has been unfruitful.

Beyond rehearsals, we should be careful to exercise discretion when we are out at ministry engagements. It may be perceived as rude to have personal conversations amongst ourselves while a service or event is taking place. Remaining focused will help us to discern the spiritual climate of a place, or discover someone that may need prayer or encouragement. We each have a voice that is important enough to be heard but must remember that no topic should be more important than sharing the good news, regardless of where we are.

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