Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eye Can See Clearly Now...

As worship arts advocates, we battle against competition, comparison, pressure, criticism, and a host of other challenges. Although we should always walk according to the Spirit, we often experience moments of personal battles with being critical of others. Sitting on the sidelines, it can be easy to determine the areas in which our fellow dance ministers may have fallen short. We must learn to recognize the instances when we may verbally or unknowingly tear down our fellow servants by our actions.

If we can always find something wrong with everyone, we must question the lenses through which we look. If THAT dance ministry wears garments that we would not, have we prayed for revelation? If THAT dance ministry selects songs and movements that seem to offend the crowd, have we interceded on their behalf to be led by the Spirit? If we show ourselves friendly to our fellow movement ministers and THEY seem to be unresponsive, do we continue to stand on the Word of God to do good? We must first remove the beam from our own eye before we can begin to correct the vision of someone else.

If we are called to teach and instruct in the area of worship arts, we must not impose our belief system forcefully on others. If we are faithful to study and prayer, the Lord will provide an audience to hear the word He has given us in time. Unwelcome sermons on the elements of movement ministry at a concert, service, or event can cause more division than solidarity. Whatever issues that arise or seem to bother us repetitively concerning movement ministry is the area we should study most. Instead of continually diagnosing the problem, we should be ready to offer a solution to the perceived plagues concerning the ministry of movement.

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