Monday, December 8, 2008

Watch and Prey

When we are doing effective work for the Lord, we become targets of the enemy. In the ministry of dance, there are various pitfalls that we have to be aware of so that we may remain planted with the least disruption. Those that have the ability to impact us the most are usually the closest to us. This is why we have to be careful to guard against division within the ministry itself, as well as maintain balance at home.

Movement ministry itself can be used as a tool against us. If we obsess over dancing and devote more time to rehearsals, choreography and activities than we should allow, we can open the door for dance ministry to become a "god" in our lives. It is easy to point the finger when a sin is committed, but it is a little more challenging when the good work that we are doing leads to our demise.

Opportunists will also try to use the dance ministry for gain. It is not uncommon for dancers to be invited as a "draw" on a special event, and not so much as receive gas money for the trip. It's not that we should be mercenaries for ministry, but we must be wise. We should continually watch for wolves that would like to misuse or abuse the ministry of dance. If we neglect to watch, then we can become prey for the adversary.

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PoetryDaughter said...

yes rekesha it is true. this happens so many times, people wanting to utilize the dance ministry for a 'draw' or 'entertainment' and never offering anything. it is not that we are greedy, but we have to put gas in our cars and eat also.