Sunday, December 7, 2008

Name That Tune

We must give honor to whom honor is due. When we select songs to minister to through movement, we should be able to correctly identify the artist, song title, and album. If the ministry piece is effective, there are many times that people will approach us and ask for this information. Just as we must be sure that our dances agree with the Word of God, we must know how to continue to share the ministry with others.

Often when a person has seen a piece with a particular song, every time thereafter, they will remember parts of the dance that was witnessed. Sharing artist information allows the viewer to support the ministry of song and recall what movements personally ministered to them. This is also a way to give back to the artist. We reap by the same measure we sow.

If possible, we should also research the artists that we select to know more about his or her lifestyle and beliefs. Some songs that may sound "uplifting" may not necessarily be in line with the Bible. Artists may often choose to do inspirational music, but have careers that in no way give honor to God. When we are not ignorant and operate in wisdom, obedience, and knowledge, we can more effectively spread the Word.

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