Saturday, December 6, 2008

Clock Watching

We must be aware of God's timing. If we are not sensitive to His leading, we will find ourselves moving behind schedule, or stepping out before our time. When we receive vision from the Lord, we must pray about bringing it to pass as well as the right time to get it done. When movement ministers are in sync with the Lord's timing, we will always bring a rhema (right now) word through dance.

There may be times when we hear a song that we are to dance to, but the time to minister it may come months, or even years later. There are also seasons during which a particular song may speak to people, but if we continue to dance a piece after it's relevance, it will not be as relevant or effective. There is nothing spooky or strange about hearing the voice of the Lord. Because each of us are unique, there is no formula for discerning the time except for obedience. When we are prompted by the Holy Spirit, we will be able to operate in Divine timing.

The same thing goes with ministry-related activities. If we are impressed to organize a dance concert or conference, we must pray about dates and times. Wisdom would lead us to avoid duplicating similar events or competing with dates of other dance ministries in our geographic areas. Staying connected to fellow dancers and being aware of other events will help us to be supportive and remain united. Keeping in line with the leading of the Lord, we cannot let the dates of others hinder us either. Finding the time to keep watch will help us to move in the timing of the Lord.

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