Saturday, December 27, 2008

Microphone Check

When we are introducing a new dance concept, sometimes it may be helpful to give some scriptural references or a short background before we dance. Depending upon the location that we visit, we should ask in advance if any speaking will be permitted. In some sectors, liturgical movement is not yet acknowledged as a legitimate expression. We must continue to walk according to wisdom.

If we are given the opportunity to speak on a microphone, we must not get carried away. Grabbing a mic is not the moment to preach an entire sermon or deal with personal issues in public. If we use a platform as an opportunity to get on a soapbox, we will do more harm than good. Even if we feel the need to provide a brief introduction, the piece should still speak for itself.

If we have to search really hard to find Biblical support for our dances, we may need to ask the Lord if that particular piece will be appropriate for a church setting. Depending upon where we dance, exhortation or speaking may not be allowed at all. This instance may apply to public spaces, or business settings. We should never make assumptions that we can do whatever we please without offense. We must walk in the liberty of the Spirit, while not causing others to stumble in the process.

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