Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Clean Getaway

The little things matter. When we are invited to minister at any location, we should leave the place better than when we arrived. If we carry our garments in bags, we should not leave hangers or plastic wrap behind for anyone to have to clean up after us. If we use tissue or water bottles, we should also make an effort to leave no trash behind. Wrappers from candies or mints should not be found left in the back of a pew. How we treat our surroundings is a direct reflection on us as dance ministers.

It should not have to be said, but it is very important to make sure that our garments are clean before we put them on to minister. This includes any tights, leggings, unitards, or undergarments worn under them. Just because we think that they will not be seen does not mean they will remain hidden. When we are changing our clothes in a dressing area, it is also respectful not to leave our clothing strewn about the room, even if we know that we are free to utilize the space for our entire visit. If the room must be used for another purpose, it will still be presentable if we keep things nice and neat.

Another area to consider is our method of transportation. If we are on our way to dance and need help unloading our vehicle, it may be embarrassing to have papers and snack wrappers in the front and back seat. Although many of us lead very busy lifestyles, we must make preparation a part of our pre-ministry to-do list. If we let things get too out of hand, we may find ourselves stressed at the prospect of a missing dance shoe, prop, sign, or garment. When we keep things decent and orderly, we will always be able to assess the situation.

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