Friday, December 26, 2008

City of Lights

Our presence should impact the regions in which we live. The gospel is to be shared globally and preached to every creature. Before we venture out into unknown territories, we should gain experience at home first. Many dance ministers have a burning desire to travel to the Nations and minister through movement. We must realize that ministry travel is not about lengthening our resumes, but about going where we are sent to spread the Word.

If we serve as "lights" in our respective communities, we will be more prepared to spread the good news to the world. This does not mean that the people to whom we are closest will always receive us. Even when we are rejected, we are prepared to deal with the ups and downs of ministry from the local to the international level. We must first be faithful over a few things before we are made to rule over much.

Both Jesus and Paul realized the importance of uniting with others. As dance ministries, we should also reach out to other like-minded ministries to come together to make a difference in our cities, countries, nations, and the world. Continued study of the Word and awareness of how the Body functions as one will allow us to join togther for the work of the ministry. Competition is a hindrance to the message. Unity is indicative of brotherhood. It takes more than one light to illuminate a city. Let's come in line to fulfill our part.

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