Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pay the Piper!

As dance ministers, we often tout the moral values of being properly treated and respected for the work that we do. While it is great to receive a financial blessing to assist with gas or travel expenses, we must also remember that the door swings both ways. We cannot take advantage of others in the name of "ministry." We should treat others in the same manner we would like to be treated.

The most common thing that we use in the ministry of movement is music. Instead of borrowing and burning CDs for dances, we should make sure to invest in the artist by purchasing the disc. If we desire garments for our ministries, we should not expect seamstresses and tailors to render services free of charge. Some movement ministries are fortunate to have people who sew as a token of love. More often than not, we will have to pay for our goods. Why should we be willing to spend top-dollar with merchants who could care less about the Kingdom, while shortchanging those who labor for the sake of the gospel?

In turn, if we have invited guests to minister on a special program, we should provide some sort of love expression for the effort. Money may not always be a viable option, but thoughtfulness can go a long way. Being a good steward does not mean that we have be be stingy with our funds. It is our obligation to render honor to whom it is due.

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