Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mother, May I?

As dancers, we are often made aware of how we are to govern ourselves. Beyond the dancer, there are other elements that can affect the ministry. Whether it is intentional or not, there may be people of influence in our lives that may try to use movement ministry for selfish purposes.

As in the Bible with Herodias, she manipulated her daughter into having John the Baptist killed after her daughter's dance pleased Herod. Herodias' daughter was offered up to half of Herod's kingdom. Instead of answering for herself, she chose to please her mother instead. There are some parents of younger dancers that may pressure young men or women into dancing against their will. Even if they are not made to dance, a parent or guardian may be so critical that a dancer is anxious to perform a piece perfectly more than making ministry the mission.

Outside of friends and family, a religious figure may also exert power or control over the dancers. In these cases, dancers are often made to feel like outside of a particular "covering," there will be no ministerial effectiveness. Feelings of guilt may also come upon us if we feel like saying no will disappoint our leaders or seem to be rebellious behavior. Although it is good to respect the roles of people in our lives, we must know that it is better to obey God.

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