Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dance On the Airwaves

We are therefore going into the world as never before! The ministry of dance is being prominently featured on television, radio, publications, and even the movies. The internet has allowed dancers from every genre to connect and support one another through MySpace, YouTube, GodTube, other social networking sites, etc... It is exciting to be able to meet so many fellow co-laborers and not even have to leave the comfort of home to do so.

There are some "heart check-ups" that we must do along the way. Though it is fine to have a vision to go into all the world, our motives must not be for fame or fortune. We must be careful to remain humble and the Lord will reward us in due season. If we want to be on TV because we saw another dance ministry on TV, we must stop and thank the Lord for the door He opened for that ministry (instead of thinking about ourselves).

When we see the Lord open doors for ministries to gain exposure, we should rejoice with them. Prayer must continue to be the order of the day, as some dances passing as "praise dances" are really doing a diservice to the movement. The enemy also give opportunities for exposure, but we definitely only want to walk through the doors that the Lord has uniquely assigned to us.

Here is a mini-documentary on Leap of Faith featured on a television broadcast.

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