Sunday, February 3, 2008

Telling Stories

There have been times when I have felt like my time was wasted watching a dancer or group present a piece that had no discernable meaning. At other times the message has been outright confusing. Regardless of the skill level, we must remember that the Word is sharp, powerful, and living! We must pray for the Lord to show us how to marry the music, movements, and ministry of a piece.

We are not limited to just the use of our bodies to glorify Him. There are wonderful flags, banners, billow cloths, crowns, and visual enhancements that we can use to make sure that the message is understood. There may be someone you know who is gifted to create custom visual worship tools. Make your request known, and watch God answer prayer.

The Lord is creative and His Spirit lives in us. The Bible is full of detail, miracles, and truth. We must ask ourselves who is leading us if all of our dances look the same and we are all dancing to the same music. Being open to new revelation and insight is key if we want to truly minister effectively.

Here is some creativity in motion:

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