Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Nothing is by chance. Each and every move that we execute must have meaning and purpose. Understanding the significance of movement throughout the scriptures will greatly aid us in Divine choreography. We must not only study the "dance" segments of the Bible, it is also important that we look at it as a whole. This will allow the ministry of movement to take its proper shape.

For example "stretching out the hand" in the Bible (NKJV) has several connotations. It can mean blessing (Genesis 48:14), judgment (Exodus 3:20), miracles (Exodus 14:16), punishment (1 Samuel 24:6), submission (Psalm 88:9), creation (Isaiah 48:13), compassion (Mark 1:41), healing (Acts 4:30), etc. We should take the necessary steps to connect the appropriate movements with the message of the piece.

We must allow the Lord to open the eyes of our understanding as we continue to study His Word. Our knowledge of the Bible must not focus on only one aspect of the dance and movement ministries. If we are to minister the gospel through movement, then we must have a firm grasp of what the Word is revealing to us in its totality.

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