Thursday, January 10, 2008

An Audience of One

I often hear dancers speak of being nervous during a ministry presentation. I have witnessed dancers forget choreography, laugh, or get frustrated while moving in front of a congregation. Some dancers adjust garments while dancing due to self-concisouness or embarrassment (not enough coverage). We must remember that we are dancing before the Lord Himself.

Rehearsals should be treated the same way. Worship, praise, and expression through movement starts long before an audience is present. If the dance is for the Lord, the dance will also magnify Him in our private rehearsal times. Our lives must match the message we are conveying.

What is done privately will show up publically. Our lack of rehearsal, prayer time, and preparation must not result in a "Lord, bless this mess" situation. What we present must be pure and set apart exclusively for the Lord so that we may witness the Word manifesting before our eyes. Lives WILL be changed. Souls WILL be delivered.

The following video is a solo by Clarissa Stroud, Artistic Director of Master's Movement Liturgical Dance Company. Preparation, prayer, practice....

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