Monday, January 14, 2008

Talent Show

In the parable of the talents, all those who were given talents were asked to give an account, or showing of what they did with what was given when the master returned. Everyone does not have the same talents. We do not all dance, mime, or move the same way. There seems to be a growing sector of opinion in the dance that says that if you are not formally trained, you are not called to dance.

Do not let the traditions of man hinder you from giving an account for the gifts and talents that God gave you. Did King David take required dance classes before he danced before the Lord with all of his might? Did Miriam take ballet? I am sure that both understood that the dances they did had purpose and glorified God. This matters more than training.

I have seen trained dancers with no demonstration of the knowledge or the power of God. I believe that dance classes help with safety, movement vocabulary, and knowledge of the mechanics of movement. I have taken Ballet and African dance classes as an adult. Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, and African are only a few ways to praise him in the dance. The following video reminds us that we can use all of our talents and give an account for them upon the Lord's return.

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