Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crown the Winner

We are trained in the natural to want to win. Winning usually means that someone else loses. In school, spelling bees, cheerleading competitions, and student body elections condition us to want to be the best, or to select the best out of those vying for the crown.

Some of us bring that same mentality to the dance ministry. Dance concerts are often competitions to determine the "Most Anointed," "Best Dancer," or "Most Glorious Garments." We must make a concerted effort to magnify the Lord when groups of dancers come together.

How can we do this? Maintain an atmosphere of love by greeting one another (speak and smile). Stay during the entire event and support the other ministries on program. Be approachable and sincerely humble. It is also a good exercise in selflessness to support dance events in which we are not scheduled to dance. My prayer is that concerts, services, conferences, and other dance events are presented in such a way as to spread the gospel and dwell together in unity.

Check out the following video entitled "Praisers." Be patient as it take a little while to start... (Smile)...

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