Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Taking the Stage

As movement ministry influence continues to expand, many doors are opening for dance to be in the spotlight. Large public gatherings are calling for dancers from various churches and communities to unite together in the name of the Lord Jesus. Collaborative efforts bring about fellowship among many dance ministries as choreography and garments reflect them unified on one accord.

The theatrical stage is becoming a common arena for dance ministry recitals and public concerts of movement. Lighting, backdrops, sets and props add elements of visual depth that can greatly assist the understanding of the message, if used correctly. Challenges for the newcomer to the stage may include a sense of disconnect from the viewing audience, as well as the sheer volume of space to cover compared to a pulpit or platform.

With practice and innovation, the theater can be a great place to experience worship. When we view the lights, scenery, and auditorium as a canvas, we can open up to so many new possibilities in the movement ministries. Let the Lord continue to show you vivid portrayals of His Word, and then allow Him to take you beyond the confines of your own imagination.

The following is a video excerpt from Called 2 Dance(TM), recently featured on the Word Network in their own television series on liturgical dance. GLORY!

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