Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sloppy Agape

If I see one more bra strap (pick a color... any color) while I am sitting and observing a dance presentation, I may just shout (for all the wrong reasons). What is it about the church in the traditional sense that makes dancers think that dance garments should look like something from the 1800s? I am weary with seeing so many sloppy, shoddy, flimsy garments as part of dance ministry presentations. When you know better, you must do better.

I often receive catalogs with "liturgical" dance wear that is often made of material that leaves little to the imagination when worn alone. I own a few of these basics (see picture above), but will wear them with a beautiful overlay and skirt for modesty and to match the message I am trying to convey. It may not be easy to find a seamstress or tailor that will make custom garments, but with a little research, you can purchase durable garments that will not cause the deacons on the front row to look away from you in ordered to stay saved.

Study.... Pray... Consult the Lord regarding garment styles and colors. The presentation of the message is half of the battle. Don't do yourself or the ministry a disservice by dancing in garments that hinder instead of help.

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