Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Singled Out

There was a time when I danced with a group, and then with a partner. I was so excited as I watched choreography coming together and witnessed the handiwork of the Lord in rehearsals. I looked forward to the instant feedback from the ministry and was confident that the pieces we danced to were "anointed" and "powerful."

I was reminded that the Lord wants me to depend on no one else but Him. I stepped out as a soloist after years of dancing with and teaching groups. I no longer had a group of cheerleaders to pat me on the back and admire my teaching skills. In fact, I never envisioned myself dancing alone when I decided to dance for Him. Suddenly, it was just me and God.

My confidence in my own abilities began to fade and I found myself praying each and every time that various solo pieces would indeed minister to the people. It's been four years since I have been dancing alone and the Lord has faithfully shown His hand on the ministry as I have continued to move in Him. There are challenges that solo dancers face that are unique and much different than dancing with a group. The Lord is now opening the doors for me to dance both with a group and alone, but I have truly learned to trust in Him. He has in turn directed my path.

Here is a video compilation of solo Dance Minister Jocelyn Richard. Enjoy!

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