Sunday, January 20, 2008

Before and After

It's not all about what we do when we are dancing before people. What we do before and after ministry has a very significant impact on how we are received. The authenticity of our ministries comes into question in the before and after.

Before Ministry: Are we on time for our ministry engagements? Is our music cued and have we greeted the sound person and thanked him or her for assisting us? Do we carry our garments stuffed in a trash bag, or are they clean and neat? Are we expecting the "best seats in the house" or celebrity treatment? Are we supportive of other ministries during a gathering, or are we focused only on what we are to do? Do we smile at people who may stare at our garments in wonder? Are we having inappropriate conversations that others may overhear? (Did you remember to turn your cell phone off?)

After Ministry: Do we leave early due to overbooking, or to get a bite to eat? Are we leaving trash in the bathroom, seats, or changing areas? Do we put on clothes after dancing that negate the message we are trying to convey? Are leaders and soloists prepared with business cards when approached by people for ministry information? Again, are we having inappropriate conversations that others may overhear? What music is playing in your vehicle when you start it that may be heard in the parking lot?

There are many factors of the "before and after" that impact our ministries. We must remember that it is not about the actual "performance," but about the truth of the Word of God being demonstrated in all that we do.

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