Sunday, January 13, 2008

It Makes Scents

The last things we want people to remember about our dance ministries is the way we smell. We are presenting our bodies to the Lord, and we are ministering in close proximity to His people. There is no excuse for poor hygiene, especially when we use our bodies as an instuments forthe Gospel.

Everyone's body chemistry is not the same. There may be times that we have to minister and have not had a chance to shower immediately before ministry. We can be prepared by packing a washcloth (in a resealable plastic bag), baby wipes, deodorant, breath mints, lotion, perfume/cologne (but not too much!), and other items as needed. It is also important to make sure that our ministry garments are clean and fresh.

Let nothing hinder us from delivering an effective message. Clean hands, clean feet, and clean faces (provided it fits the ministry message), go a long way when coming into contact with people. Let's remember to take care of the temples that He gave us.

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